LINK et al

LINK et al is full spectrum digital marketing training company.  We equip online marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners in all industries with the skills they need to thrive in a digital world.

Our courses range from foundational courses for entrepreneurs in digital and social media marketing to advanced master classes for skilled marketers which deep-dive into the different platforms, data intelligence and social selling.

Our highly skilled facilitators are experts in their respective areas and offer practical and interactive experiential learning sessions in our high-tech and creative training venues.  Each of our delegates receive a host of ready-to-use tools and templates to make implementation easy and immediate.

We take your marketing efforts further than training and will equip your sales teams with the practical skills and knowledge to convert leads (online and offline) into sales and revenue – which will increase profit.

Customised courses tailor-made for your business industry as well as on-site training for teams give companies in-depth practical knowledge.

LINK et al understands the knowledge gap in the South African market. Educating children from the age of 12 upwards in the benefits and pitfalls of Social Media is crucial at this tender age.  We help children to become online entrepreneurs by teaching them how to grow their following and build their personal brand while being savvy about the dangers.

We teach parents not only how to help mitigate the risk of their children falling prey to social media dangers, but also how to guide their children according to their personality types.  Our quick online personality test helps parents to understand how to keep them safe in a digital world while dealing with them according to their preferred personality style and communication.